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Replacement Batteries

You can order your pet fence batteries by clicking on the links below, no need to fill out the form unless you need assistance! 
*If you are ordering 6 volt batteries click this link,
* If you are ordering 7.5 volt batteries, click this link,
*If you need Invisible Fence Batteries, click this link-
syn small-dog-playing_edited.jpg

One Pet Fencing

Replacement Batteries

2 dogss.jpg

Two Pet Fencing

Replacement Batteries

3 dogs_edited.jpg

Three Pet Fencing

Replacement Batteries

4 dogss_edited.jpg

Four Pet Fencing

Replacement Batteries

Pay by using Venmo. Login to your account, search under business Gagnon's Pet Fencing and select it. Then please let us know what size battery you need, the number of batteries and the cost.

1 battery $20             2 batteries $30

3 batteries $42.75     4 batteries $55.50

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