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What you should know about your pet fence:

*Remember to unplug your transmitter during thunderstorms, even though your system is on a surge protector there is still a chance it could be damaged by a lightning strike.

*If a red light is flashing on the receiver on your dog's collar, you should replace or recharge the battery.

*Contact us immediately if the boundary wire is cut or damaged in any way, so we can help you fix the break as soon as possible.

*We DO NOT recommend leaving your dog unsupervised while on the system.

*To avoid possible neck irritation, always remove the receiver collar from your dog at the end of the day when your pet is inside.

*The receiver collar may need adjustment due to changes in your dog's coat, weight, age, or the nylon collar just stretching over time. Check the contact posts for good skin contact while your pet wears the receiver periodically.




*If there is no digital display on the transmitter mounted on the wall, chances are that your outlet is not working. Make sure the transmitter is on, press the up button once or twice to turn on the power. Check the AC outlet to be certain that it is plugged in and supplying power to the transmitter. Also if the transmitter is plugged into a GFI outlet, be sure the outlet is rest and functioning properly.

*If the transmitter is beeping single rapid beeps, you have a wire break somewhere. Ensure connections are good at the transmitter, sometimes they can be bumped loose. If your transmitter is beeping double rapid beeps, the transmitter is damaged and needs to be replaced.

*The number displayed on your transmitter is only the distance of the signal field, it has ZERO bearing on your dog's correction level. If you have the new LINK receiver, we can change the correction levels remotely for you. If not, you'll need to contact us to walk you through changing them on the phone.

If your dog is not feeling the correction:


*Your battery may be dead.

*The correction level may be set to low.

*Your dog's collar may be to loose, and the metal posts are not firmly against their skin.

*Your dog's fur is to thick and needs to be thinned out at the neck so the posts can make contact.


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