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Look what our clients are saying about us, our services and products.

"My dogs have enjoyed life so much better due to fencing from Gagnon’s. Our first fence was installed in 2011, and we enjoyed it for 8 years. Gagnons did a great job with training and always responded quickly, like when a repair was needed after a tree fell and damaged the fence. So of course when we moved to a new home, Gagnons was first choice for installing a new fence!  They were great with providing up to date information about improvements to systems available, which offered us new choices. John Gagnon has been a part of our care for our pets since 1997, and will always be, as long as our home is in the area."

Nancy Kavanaugh

"John Gagnon and his associate were very knowledgeable and professional while they installed my electronic fencing. They made sure everything was to my satisfaction before they left for the day. The training John did with my dog was all she needed to respect the boundaries."

Stacy Henrikson


"If you are looking to put in an underground fence to keep your furry family safe in your yard, look no further than John Gagnon’s pet resort in Colchester, Ct. I’ve done business with John for more than 15 years. He was my last resort to keeping my little Houdini lab in the yard. He guaranteed he could do it and he did not disappoint! That was over 15 years ago. Now I have a new puppy and he was here to get her started with the training. He’s friendly, reliable, honest, and clearly loves dogs. I highly recommend his services."

Elizabeth Hook

"We had quite a problem with our dogs running away as soon as a door was opened. They would wander for an hour or two before coming home. It was when they started killing other animals (chickens) we thought we would have to put them to sleep. This was their last hope-and I really didn't think it would work. Our friend Lori convinced us it worked for her dogs and that it was guaranteed to work by John Gagnon. I had tried the electric collar with the hand held transmitter and that failed miserably. We had the fence installed several months ago and only once in the first week did they run through. Now they enjoy the freedom to run the yard and play together. Thanks!" 
Kim Joubert

"Your company has excellent service and an excellent product. I was so appreciative that John was willing to travel a longer than normal distance to my home to train my overly sensitive rescue dog. I had tried an electronic collar with a hand held remote to train her but without proper knowledge, ended up scaring her and not teaching her the boundaries. Having a professional trainer who has worked with dogs that have previously been traumatized made all the difference and gave me the confidence to complete the boundary training myself. Both my dogs quickly learned the boundaries of my yard (which is several acres) and no longer run into the street to greet someone walking by or run to the neighbor's yard when the kids come out to play. Having a Pet Stop® pet fence has been wonderful and allowed us to let the dogs run free and get much more exercise than they were when being walked on a leash only." 

"Decades ago I met John. He had his own 4 dogs, a motorcycle, and a small doggy daycare in his back yard. He loved dogs. He would go to shelters save dogs and rehome them. I still see that level of care in his employees today."

Christopher O'Neill

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