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Invisible Pet Fencing

All fences are not created equal. The combination of the most technologically advanced pet equipment, and our training experience and commitment to excellence, leaves you with a fence that changes the lives and relationships of people and their  dogs!  They don't just say, "Thanks, great job."Many exclaim that it is the best money ever spent, that it has saved their dog's life and that they and their dogs are so much happier than before they purchased our system.

We create an invisible boundary to keep your dog safely in your yard and away from places you don’t want them, such as gardens, swimming pools and driveways. Your dog can run, play and exercise so they stay safe, happy, and healthy! We also have an indoor transmitter to keep your dog off furniture, out of a particular room, and even out of the litter box!

All of our products are tested right here in the USA by leading industry experts who are dedicated to bringing you and your pet the very latest in electric pet fencing technology.

  • Veterinarian Approved and Recommended

  • Lifetime Equipment Warranty

  • Pet Containment Guarantee

  • Training provided by PROFESSIONAL DOG TRAINERS

  • Advanced equipment technology

  • Leaders in the Pet Containment Industry

  • Prompt Friendly Service

  • Locally Owned and Operated

   Full Perimeter Loop


Our most common layout installation is a Full Perimeter loop. This layout gives your pet free range to roam your entire yard but not leave it.

PS full-perimeter loop.png

        Double Loop

The Double Loop layout is used to contain only the front or back yard. It’s generally only used when your property’s geography won’t allow for installation around the whole property.

PS backyard-only double loop.png

             Figure 8

Also common is the Figure 8 layout. It’s like the Full Perimeter loop, but with a pinch in the middle. This allows you to contain your dog in either the front yard or the back yard, it’s up to you.

PS figure-8 loop.png


Small yards are no problem at all for Pet Stop® technology. Our boundary fences offer settings to create a one-sided signal zone around the perimeter wire in order to maximize the amount of yard your pet can enjoy.

edge-to-edge loop.png
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